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The ability of a company to continue to drive operational improvement is always dependent upon the knowledge and capability of those using the ERP system – regardless of whether they are key users.

Hands-on System21 Training Boosts ERP User Productivity

Nevertheless, the cumulative knowledge within an organisation and “the art of the possible” with the new system declines exponentially after go-live. This is caused by a combination of employee churn and personnel using the same functions each day/week/month or, because “we have always done it this way”.

ERP Knowledge Assessments and System21 Business Requirements Reviews

By implementing regular best practise and knowledge assessments, SubZero can ….

  • Help boost user productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce user errors
  • Determine if more-in-depth training in core areas is required
  • Identify if business processes can be improved upon

Increase User Productivity with Customised ERP Training Programs

We understand that no two companies will use their ERP system the same way so all our training programmes are also unique to each customer’s requirements. By establishing a clear understanding of their business as well as the ERP System set up SubZero will conduct a Training Needs Analysis. This will help identify where there maybe a shortfall of knowledge so that sessions are specific to the roles, responsibilities and experience of those actually using the system.

Infor System21 & Aurora End User Training Services

  • One-on-one individual tuition – using your data
  • Walk-through exercises of additional functionality or new modules
  • Instructor-led classroom sessions
  • Documenting core processes and “How-To’s”
  • Production of training materials & manuals
  • Best practise and business process
  • Knowledge assessment
  • System audit, management and maintenance training
  • Industry specific add-ons
  • Technical training – writing queries & programming using RPG

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