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System21 Consulting Experts

Once an ERP system is embedded within an organisation and has matured, there tends to be a tail-off of benefits especially if the software is the original installed version. As the pool of experienced users dwindles and new users come on board (with little or no training) employers are often faced with increasing end user frustration.

SubZero Delivers System21 Optimisation to Enhance Existing Infrastructure

SubZero can help to eliminate these agrrevations and provide support and consultancy in key areas of the business – instantly enabling you to get more out of your system. Our team of ERP professionals have in-depth experience of System21′s Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing and Service modules and have worked with numerous global businesses – many of which have legacy systems – and can help implement best practice and improve usability.

To enable you to gain more from your existing System21 investment, we focus on offering support in the following areas:

  • Process Mapping and Optimisation
  • Bespoke Training Services & Business Knowledge Transfer
  • Implementation of Lean Principles
  • Six Sigma
  • Kaizen
  • Management by Exception
  • Data Management & Migration Services
  • System Evaluation & Implementation
  • Software Modifications

With extensive experience of system integration with backend ERP systems across all versions of System 21 & Aurora, we can provide your organisation with the right people and the expertise needed to enhance your existing ERP infrastructure from day one.

From hands-on training to setting up automated or unique processes, we supply a bespoke service based on the demand of your current system as well as the requirements of your departments or individual users.

Covering the full range of services, SubZero can provide project-related or technical services in the following areas:

  • System21 / Aurora / IBM AS400 iSeries Application Support & Project Management
  • Business Process Review / System efficiency
  • Implementation of new modules or services
  • New site roll-outs / upgrades to existing software
  • Project development lifecycle
  • Project Management
  • Specifications / functional development
  • ERP Technical & System Support
  • System performance audits & health checks
  • IBM i System Management and AS400 / Legacy System Support
  • Integration of System21 with 3rd party software
  • ERP installation and set-up
  • System / data migration
  • Business Process Re-engineering & Testing
  • Programming Languages & Tools:
  • - RPG3 / 4 (ILE) RPGFree
  • - SQL, Embedded SQL, Query
  • - Visual Basic C++, CL
  • - SEU, SDA, PDM, RDi, DFU, FTP
  • Customisations

Let SubZero help you get the best out of your ERP system

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