Is your ERP system meeting your business needs?

Jun, 18. 2015

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One of the most exciting things about business is the constant change. Organisations are driven by change agents such as innovation, process transformation, and time to market. Mergers and acquisitions also propel you forward – into new markets, territories and customer segments.

In addition, competition keeps you on your toes and seeking changes that will have positive impacts on the business. But change can also present the greatest challenges – for example when you try to apply old technologies to new business processes or requirements.

You might have brought in a System 21 ERP system to suit a particular manufacturing model – for example, make-to-stock.  At the time, the change was transformational. It brought new efficiencies which gave you a competitive edge and met your business needs. Over time your requirements changed and, rather than make-to-stock, your business may now be make-to-order or assemble-to-order or be mixed-mode.  Today’s sales cycle demands shorter lead times. As a result, the ERP system – that was once so efficient for creating stock – is no longer suitable for the current purpose.

Perhaps you’ve got used to sub-contracting out in order to deliver the new business mandates.  Most likely it’s a more cost-effective solution in the short term, because your ERP system is just not enabling the business to cope with new processes.

At SubZero we know how to get the best out of your ERP system and leverage your original IT investment – without the massive disruption and cost that a replacement strategy would entail.  As System 21 consulting experts, we frequently observe that once an ERP system is embedded within an organisation and has matured, there tends to be a tail-off of benefits; especially if the software is the original installed version or has not been optimised to cope with changing business practices.

We can help you to upgrade your existing software, implement new modules or services, introduce automation or develop functionality that can support unique processes.  It might be that the software itself is not actually the limiting factor: what’s needed is to make some timely and necessary changes to the implementation to accommodate the new business demands.  Or, perhaps it’s additional training you need.  Your operators might be avoiding particular processes because of frustration or lack of knowledge. If this is the case, our consultants can provide you with hands-on training for departments or individual users.

By putting the spotlight back on your faithful System 21 ERP system, we can help you get the best out of it, and stay at the top of your game.

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