SubZero Opinion – Are businesses unhappy?

Jul, 08. 2015


At SubZero we are always interested in ERP trends and while Infor System 21’s may only represent a smaller percentage of the overall ERP market, these trends can also be an accurate reflection of what is happening at our customer sites. So are businesses unhappy?

A few months ago, Epicor and Redshift published research findings from interviewing 1500 business professionals about their ERP systems.

The survey focused on the adaptability of the ERP systems, mobility, device and infrastructure and social collaboration. These were then segmented into country specific responses.

One of the interesting points was that Sweden and Germany invest far more in their ERP systems compared to the UK, but over half rate their system as adequate or basic.

In a survey SubZero carried out last year confirmed that the majority systems have a considerable amount of customisation.  Whereas white label, one-size-fits-all ERP systems have their place, the Epicor and Redshift research found these systems are regarded as only adequate or basic.  In the past few years there has been a trend to remove highly customised systems due to the extra training and resource required to manage them.  However, if the customised systems are delivering added value, isn’t this better than having a basic system that you then have to augment?

In addition, a small percentage of UK companies were currently investing in their ERP (5%) compared to a global average of 11%. Somewhat subjective, in our opinion this probably relates to new implementations rather than maintenance or upgrades of systems.  ERP systems are business critical and as such are often the foundation for business effectiveness.  It makes sense that only a small percentage want to change the foundation, the integral part of the business.

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