June News – Apple updates, RBS and ERP Interdependencies

Jul, 01. 2015

The Greek debt crisis has dominated the news, with locals buying cars, gold or simply taking out all their savings and hiding it under the mattress. This got us thinking about the impact of cause and effect, and how it is proving very difficult to stamp out the proverbial fire once it has taken hold.
Although ERP projects can be complex it can often be the inter-dependencies with other systems that are not [...]

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May News Roundup – Product Testing, Election and Cloud ERP Hype

Jun, 04. 2015

Social-media cube
It has been a busy month, here in the UK we were in the thick of pre-election activity. From a technology point of view, it was a defining election. Previously Twitter and Facebook were new and shiny, but this year with social media more established, we were promised analytics that could determine the result. However it turned out to be a platform for discussion, and useful to discover trends, but definitely [...]

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April News Roundup – ERP Frankencloud

May, 01. 2015

In the UK we have had a beautiful April in terms of weather, however globally this has brought terrible natural disasters, with the earthquake in Nepal and subsequent avalanches on Everest, the Malawi floods and the wildfires in California. This has seen an influx of technologies, that can help predict weather, and technological advances in building materials that can help survive natural disasters.
However, one of the most interesting things we have seen [...]

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March News Roundup is it time to change?

Apr, 01. 2015

Marching News
Dominating the news this month has been the tragedy of the Germanwings flight 4U 9525 and in particular how recommendations are being put forward to stop a disaster like this happening again. It got us thinking why is it only when things go disastrously wrong do we question whether what we are doing is right?
In the case of the airline industry, recommendations put forward after 9/11 to prevent hijackings, now have been exploited [...]

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SubZero Ramps up BPCS Training Programme

Aug, 04. 2014

BPCS Training
Following recent requests for BPCS training from literally all corners of the world – Scandinavia , Eastern Europe, UK and Africa – the team at SubZero have been enhancing our Training Services offering to ensure that customers get a maximum return on investment.
We recognise that no two companies run their ERP System the same way and this goes for our training programmes too.  We like to establish a clear understanding of [...]

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Hello World – Welcome to our New Website !

Aug, 04. 2014

New Baan
Let’s face it, it is tough to make BPCS and LX Consulting Services sound sexy but we are really excited about our new look website and hope you like the major refresh too!
Our old site was starting to look somewhat dated – it is amazing how website design has radically changed in the last two-three years especially with the emergence of handheld devices and the need to optimise sites for mobiles [...]

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