May News Roundup – Product Testing, Election and Cloud ERP Hype

Jun, 04. 2015

Social-media cube

It has been a busy month, here in the UK we were in the thick of pre-election activity. From a technology point of view, it was a defining election. Previously Twitter and Facebook were new and shiny, but this year with social media more established, we were promised analytics that could determine the result. However it turned out to be a platform for discussion, and useful to discover trends, but definitely not to provide a realistic vote! This interesting article by the BBC, highlights the use and changes in technology around the election.

The Apple iWatch has also been a steady news item. The product testing phase was rushed in an attempt to get the product out the door, rather than finding out the importance of having a smash resistant product, or how to overcome the sensors being blocked by tattoos! The lack of testing has put doubt in the minds of the stalwart apple fans, and given the other smart watch providers an opportunity to gain market share.

In ERP news, there have been many articles this month citing the virtues of cloud ERP, particularly from Infor. However this article by Dawson and Clark, explores the reality through the hype. Focusing on the issues of cross border supply and distribution chains, reliability, upgrades, and building a case for Hybrid ERP.

As we round up May, the scandal and controversy over Sepp Blatter and corruption in FIFA dominates the news. The ability of corruption to go unnoticed, or pushed under the carpet is astounding. Even in the corporate sector, a programme lead could steer a project that may not be in the best interest of the users or the business. Getting an independent view in terms of project assurance should be a must to keep projects on track.

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