June News – Apple updates, RBS and ERP Interdependencies

Jul, 01. 2015


The Greek debt crisis has dominated the news, with locals buying cars, gold or simply taking out all their savings and hiding it under the mattress. This got us thinking about the impact of cause and effect, and how it is proving very difficult to stamp out the proverbial fire once it has taken hold.

Although ERP projects can be complex it can often be the inter-dependencies with other systems that are not adequately considered in regards to risk. For example there have been a plethora of new software releases in June, from Apple’s iPhone and Mac software updates, to Adobe’s emergency patches to help protect against cyber criminals. Whilst updates can be uneventful, they are usually time consuming, and in the case of Apple, have then be followed with further upgrades to patch dozens of flaws.

It is useful during any ERP project to have a specific Project Assurance manager or team assigned to the project, focusing on the wider picture and assessing the risk not only inside the project but also factoring in the inter-dependencies.

The financial theme has continued with RBS failing to make 600,000 payments and tax credits due to a problem with the system, the failure not only pushed their call centre to the limit, but HMRC was getting hot under the collar struggling to cope with the requests about missing tax credits.  Computer Weekly published a good article, with the complexity of the banking infrastructure, depicting the individual processing components and their interdependencies ‘Diagram that scares the next generation of Banking IT Professionals

Finally, TechRepublic published a great article ‘When your genome costs less than your iPhone: The Beautiful, terrifying future of DNA sequencing. At less than $100, the new testing can provide a snapshot of your traits, your heritage and risk factors to diseases and sensitivity to drugs. A useful reminder on how advanced technology has become, but how will we feel when we have to submit DNA tests to be considered for life insurance or medical cover?


Image courtesy of Catherine Heilbron


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