Snakes and ladders in the world of ERP – can you boost ERP efficiency through GAMIFICATION?

Jul, 06. 2015

snakes and ladders
Over the last few weeks we have been looking at the application of social media in ERP and have found it is more around wikis, and blogs rather than tools such as Twitter and Facebook, which are more relevant to CRM and customer-facing applications.  While we were investigating Social ERP, the ability to add gamification features to applications was often cited.  Gamification was billed as one of the hottest trends [...]

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Social ERP – Happening or Hype

Jun, 09. 2015

ID-100152996 - Social Media
Social media isn’t a term that’s generally associated with ERP – but what are the benefits and is it possible and to fuse the old with the new, bringing your traditional BPCS / LX system right up to date?
We know the benefits of social tools, they can mimic the ways in which employees interact with technology outside of work and can offer enhanced capabilities for real-time collaboration.  The millennial [...]

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Best Practice Guide to ERP Success

Apr, 29. 2015

At SubZero we have put together a best practice guide to achieving ERP success with your ERP project.
#1 Make Your Life Easier
Infor LX and BPCS systems are by their very nature complex, generally have inter-dependencies with other systems and, with constant changes in business needs and technology, software modifications and user-training become essential.  So make your life easier by getting the right people on board.
Research cited in the Journal of Enterprise Information [...]

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BPCS Training & Knowledge Transfer

Aug, 05. 2014

Blue Cog Heads
When do we need Knowledge Transfer? For many manufacturers the summer months are generally the quietest.  With so many people going on holiday some European operations literally shut down for a few weeks.  As a result our phones tend to be a lot quieter and our BPCS consultants can generally take a welcome break too.  However, this summer seems to be the silly season and we have received requests for [...]

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Wanted Good ERP Consultants!

Aug, 04. 2014

want bpcsAre you an ERP Consultant and looking for a new role

Do you have a minimum of 10 years’ ERP experience?
Have you got in-depth knowledge of BPCS / LX ?
Are you a team player?
Love challenging projects?
Want the opportunity to work on some exciting implementations?
Or earn a finder’s fee for recommending someone?

YES??  Then we want to hear from YOU !!
As Independent Infor ERP Experts, SubZero specialises in providing Application & Technical Consulting, [...]

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