April News Roundup – ERP Frankencloud

May, 01. 2015


In the UK we have had a beautiful April in terms of weather, however globally this has brought terrible natural disasters, with the earthquake in Nepal and subsequent avalanches on Everest, the Malawi floods and the wildfires in California. This has seen an influx of technologies, that can help predict weather, and technological advances in building materials that can help survive natural disasters.

However, one of the most interesting things we have seen in the past few weeks is how technology can help in times of emergencies. The Tech giants have been helping the cause, by using location based services to see if you are affected by the disaster, checking if you are safe, want to donate or want to track a person. Messaging and call company Viber have enabled free calls from anyone in Nepal, affecting approximately 3million people. In terms of physical devices Drones have been sent out to help map out the area, which can then be passed to crew on the ground.

We are surrounded by technology on a daily basis, we often forget that the speed in which technology can really make a difference.

In ERP news, there has been a great article by Information Age about unknowingly creating a frankencloud, when you piece together cloud apps hoping they all link together effectively, but end up as some complex ineffective solution. On cloud solutions, Charles Philips confirms that Infor can sell Saas to the C Level without worries of middleware and databases coming at cost – providing an alternative to the frankencloud.

And finally, although technology is a great enabler, it can also cause some problems. The apps that American Airlines use on their ipads encountered technical difficulties this week, resulting in long delays, and a return to paper based systems.


Image courtesy of watcharakun at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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