Infor LN & Baan Support Specialists

Independent Baan ERP Support & Infor LN Expertise

At SubZero we recognise that many organisations are running legacy Baan systems. From our experience, we know that once an ERP system has reached maturity (usually in the region of 18 months from the go-live date) the ability to gain ongoing benefits from the software solution becomes harder year-on-year.

The Infor Baan application, together with the database and operating system, is a powerful enabler of business productivity. However, with the underlying complexity of the system, comes a necessity to manage the ERP Baan system on a regular basis.

ERP Support Services Enhance Business Productivity & Improve Performance

By identifying ERP system strengths and weaknesses, we regularly help customers achieve higher levels of business productivity. Just because the system is old, doesn’t mean that it still cannot run better. Our established team of consultants are hugely experienced and have in-depth knowledge of all versions of LN and Baan, as well as Triton.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service and understand that receiving the highest level of support for your users is critical. By actively engaging with the business we help companies to continuously gain benefits from their Infor ERP software and help them identify best practises, improve productivity and business processes.

Baan / LN System Optimisation Experts

Our support services can be tailored to suit individual requirements from one-off customisations to module implementations or service pack updates. With regular maintenance and general software housekeeping, SubZero can help optimise system performance and reliability. Our experienced engineers provide this across the matrix of LN / Baan, supporting databases and operating systems.

Bespoke ERP Support Service for Infor Baan & LN Software

From a commercial perspective, SubZero engages with clients through a number of different arrangements. In other words, we do not expect you to comply with our pre-conceptions, rather we tailor our support offering to meet your unique requirements.

Let SubZero help reduce the cost of managing your Baan / LN system and recognise improved performance.

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