February Round Up of ERP News

Mar, 02. 2016

Survey Tsunami
According to KPMG’s latest tech innovation survey, CIO’s are facing a tsunami of converging technologies.  However, they face challenges with global consistency and variation as some innovations are emerging on a worldwide scale but others very much regional such as China where biometrics is expected to have the greatest impact.
Window Dressing
With a cautious take up (probably because past experiences have been less than ideal), it does seem upgrading to the latest [...]

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A summary of January ERP-related news

Feb, 05. 2016

industrial revolution
With our feet firmly back under the desk  we take a quick look back at what happened in January….
Infor Healthcare, a market leader in hospital management, (and utilised by 72 percent of US hospitals, with more than 150 beds), has been recognised by global research and consulting company, Frost & Sullivan with a best –in-class award for Market Leadership in IT.
In response to hospitals’ increasing focus on patient management and engagement, [...]

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ERP November News

Nov, 30. 2015

Red-Sole Shoes
At Inforum Europe, which took place earlier this month, Infor made some exciting product and partner announcements.
Accelerate Forward
Already launched into the US market in 2014,Infor now have a European version of their cloud PLM Solution.  Specifically designed for discrete manufacturers it will provide a strong value-add to automotive, industrial manufacturing, high tech and aerospace / defence customers. Infor PLM Accelerate features a web framework that uses an open architecture and, through Infor’s middleware [...]

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October ERP News

Nov, 05. 2015

Autunn Leaves
It might be autumn already and a bit damp but the outlook is positively sunny for many ERP solution providers.
Here is our monthly round up of what is happening in the ERP industry.
Wholesome Infor News
It seems that nearly every Infor news release in October was to do with the cloud but the most exciting was an announcement about Whole Foods Market who are partnering with Infor to build a new cloud-based retail management [...]

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September ERP News & Odd Shaped Balls

Oct, 06. 2015

Odd Shaped Balls & September News
Whilst the Rugby World Cup may have distracted some of us, Infor have kick-started the school term with some new product announcements.  Following the completion of the GT Nexus acquisition, first in the line out is a global commerce cloud offering.   The combination of GT Nexus technology with Infor’s CloudSuite ERP will give manufacturers higher visibility of their operations enabling them to control their physical and financial [...]

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June News – Greece, ERP Project Assurance and Genome Sequencing

Jul, 01. 2015

The Greek debt crisis has dominated the news, with locals buying cars, gold or simply taking out all their savings and hiding it under the mattress. This got us thinking about the impact of cause and effect, and how it is proving very difficult to stamp out the proverbial fire once it has taken hold.
Although ERP projects can be complex it can often be the inter-dependencies with other systems that are not [...]

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May News Roundup – Reality behind Cloud ERP Hype

Jun, 04. 2015

It has been a busy month, here in the UK we were in the thick of pre-election activity. From a technology point of view, it was a defining election. Previously Twitter and Facebook were new and shiny, but this year with social media more established, we were promised analytics that could determine the result. However it turned out to be a platform for discussion, and useful to discover trends, but definitely not [...]

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April News Roundup – Positive Impact of Technology

May, 01. 2015

April News
In the UK we have had a beautiful April in terms of weather, however globally this has brought terrible natural disasters, with the earthquake in Nepal and subsequent avalanches on Everest, the Malawi floods and the wildfires in California. This has seen an influx of technologies, that can help predict weather, and technological advances in building materials that can help survive natural disasters.
However, one of the most interesting things we have [...]

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SubZero Opinion: Are Businesses Unhappy?

Apr, 10. 2015

At SubZero we are always interested in ERP trends and while Infor’s  Baan / LN systems may only represent a smaller percentage of the overall ERP market, these trends can also be an accurate reflection of what is happening at our customer sites.
In September, Epicor and Redshift published research findings from interviewing 1500 business professionals about their ERP systems.
The survey focused on the adaptability of the ERP systems, mobility, device and infrastructure and [...]

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