Have you got your (Business) Priorities Right ?

Mar, 21. 2016

After the Fact
Each year Gartner conducts a survey with approximately 400 executives comprising of CEOs and senior business leaders from large enterprises across the globe with annual revenue of $1 billion or more.
The annual CEO and Senior Executive Report includes global research and in-depth business analysis as well as featuring a variety of Top 10 surveys which we have been following.
Always a noteworthy read, we thought it might be interesting to look back [...]

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Can Coffee Lead to Customer Satisfaction?

Jan, 27. 2016

Coffee Mug
ERP & Coffee Mate
Catching up with a couple of friends recently, we decided to meet in a café. It was particularly busy but, as I was early I decided to go ahead and get my coffee. Having paid, and whilst standing in line waiting for my skinny latte, I started looking for somewhere for us all to sit. A little frustrated that it seemed to be taking some time for my [...]

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Proof of Pudding in ERP Fact Finding Report and Predictions for 2016

Jan, 04. 2016

It is that cliché time of the year when everyone jumps on the bandwagon, reviews the last 12 months in terms of what has been happening in ERP Land and proffer their predictions for the next year but more of that later…..
When Panorama Consulting Solutions recently published their annual Clash of the Titan’s Report  there was no doubting the quality of the content, nor questioning the accuracy of the data.  It does, [...]

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Process Break-Points & ERP Best Practice

Dec, 04. 2015

Changing for the Better
At SubZero we are always looking to improve things…sometimes reacting to change, sometimes being the lever that changes inertia into momentum.   Everywhere, and in every business, change is more prevalent than ever…for you it could be that your routes-to-market have become more diverse, or you have shortened your supply chains, simplified your products or just expanded!  New ways of working means introducing different operational models and therefore new business [...]

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Training on Older Versions of Baan Software

Sep, 25. 2015

SubZero Training Blog

It has been a couple of interesting days here at SubZero … What started off as a simple exercise has become extremely complex and time-consuming!  We have a piece of very clever software which we purchased some time ago and then installed it on some of our servers.  The software has been performing its function very well, but we needed to change the configuration, which means we now [...]

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Guest Blog – How to Improve the ROI of your ERP Software – Cut the Flab

Jul, 23. 2015

Let’s face it. If you have an ERP system that’s more than 5 years old, then it’s getting overweight by now. You’ve struggled to get ROI out too. It’s OK – lots of folks suffer from the dreaded “enterprise software bloat”. The good news is that it’s not too late to drop those pounds…and keep them off.
In our last installment of the Austin Powers series on enterprise software, we learned 3 ways [...]

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Getting Stakeholders On-Board & Engaged!

May, 14. 2015

Finding the right Stakeholder
Having worked with many clients on multiple ERP implementations and upgrades, we have witnessed first-hand how stakeholders can positively or negatively affect a project.  By definition, stakeholders should help support and protect your ERP project, whether it is an initial implementation or an ERP upgrade.  However, one of the key mistakes many project teams make is to wrongly identify the stakeholders and, unfortunately, this is often realised only when [...]

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Produce a Great Proposal for your ERP Upgrade

Apr, 09. 2015

Build a great business case for your Infor ERP upgrade
We are often asked by our customers to help them build a business case to upgrade their ERP system. Where the original implementation was surrounded by helpful advice and guidance, a few years down the line, when upgrades are discussed that initial momentum and enthusiasm has waned, and re-engaging disinterested stakeholders can be a difficult battle to win.
Best practice
Regardless of whether it has been [...]

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Tips, hints and useful links for choosing the right ERP Implementation Methodology

Mar, 24. 2015

Be creative
In our last blog, we took a business perspective when looking at implementation methodologies. Would an agile approach be best suited to a phased implementation or upgrade?  And does a successful waterfall project best fit urgent, fixed scope and fixed budget projects? Our advice, there is no right or wrong methodology, we urge you to keep the business goals top of mind, and then determine the process.
Below we have a selection of [...]

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